PAUL BERTIN PARIS is a high-end leather goods house carrying with it an ancient cultural heritage. It was in 1871 that the Bertin brothers founded the Maison Bertin Frère specializing in briefcases. Today, this famous Parisian House is reborn with a new line and under a new name: PAUL BERTIN PARIS.

<transcy>Our heritage,</transcy>

In 1871, the Bertin brothers founded the Maison Bertin Frères. The Parisian House, formerly specializing in briefcases, stood out with its checkered canvas mounted at an angle.

The Bertin Frères business prospered and a shop was opened at 29 avenue de l'Opéra in 1874. The shop, specializing in travel and leather goods, offered pieces made in workshops located in Belleville and run by the Bertin brothers .

In 1900, Paul Bertin created the cubic canvas, a 3-color pattern on a black background forming a geometric design in relief. The Maison will cover some of its items with a checkerboard canvas mounted at an angle which will be an alternative to the monogrammed canvases offered by other major competing Maisons. The Bertin brothers are also at the origin of several related inventions which they will patent, in particular a new mode of manufacture of trunks and other articles of travel and a process to make the skins and all the products of tannery perfectly waterproof.

Today, this famous Parisian Maison is reborn in the world of high-end leather goods with a new line and under a new name: PAUL BERTIN PARIS.

<transcy>Our values &amp; commitments,</transcy>

Each of our pieces are thought out and designed by our small team based in Paris. One of the brand's strengths lies in the choice of its suppliers, specialists in their field: metalwork designed in Paris and manufactured in Italy, leathers sourced in Italy and Spain. We work with different countries to ensure excellence for its products thanks to the specific know-how in each country.

The Human is also part of the strengths of the brand. We collaborate with the French association Margot Pour La Vie, which aims to help a sick child without a diagnosis. For each order placed on our website, 10th is donated to the association Margot Pour La Vie.

We develop models with a timeless design in order to make them last over time.

For more human fashion, rooted in a desire to pay attention to the planet.
For a well-thought-out wardrobe, without forgetting functionality and aesthetics.