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Little leather shop

Discover Paul Bertin Paris, your reference in high-end leather goods. We are proud to present our exceptional collection of card holders and purses, designed with passion and attention to detail, and handcrafted from the finest materials available.

One of the distinguishing features of our products is edge dyeing, a refined finishing technique that gives each piece a timeless elegance. Every detail is considered to ensure perfection, and each product is the result of unique craftsmanship.

Opt for the experience of luxury craftsmanship with Paul Bertin Paris. Each item in our collection embodies the perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality, to offer you an accessory that stands out for its elegant look and exceptional durability. Discover our range now and add a touch of sophistication to your daily life.




porte-clés orange par Paul Bertin Paris
coeur en cuir orange
porte-clés en cuir blanc
coeur en cuir par paul bertin paris
porte-clés fuchsia en cuir paul bertin paris
coeur rose en cuir
porte-clés en cuir Paul Bertin Paris
un coeur en cuir vu de l'arriere
porte-clés paul bertin paris
coeur en cuir de dos


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