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About Paul Bertin!


Paul Bertin is a Parisian leather goods house carrying with it an ancient cultural heritage. In 1871 the Bertin brothers founded Maison Bertin Frère, which specialized in travel and leather goods. It is in 2020 that two founders revive the house with a new line of unique clasps that inspire jewelry, modernity and contemporary.


Our bags and small leather goods transmit the spirit of Parisian fashion to perfection. The primary component of the bag is the leather, for this the enhancement is a creative vision and the work of the craftsmen too. Our wonderful pieces hold their ability to hug the curves in varied designs to match any outfit. A simple, elegant and light style while remaining functional.


PAUL BERTIN PARIS is committed to developing eco-responsible bags. We made a capsule with our ERNEST phone bag made of Piñatex which is a textile material offering a vegetable alternative to leather, made from cellular fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. The ERNEST bag in Piñatex is very atypical as much by its color as its composition.

Eco-responsible leather goods have a major future in tomorrow's fashion.